Modification Of Roller Specification In Spinning Machine

  • J.Chede, AbhijitK.Bankar, PratikshaN.Mahajan, Rohan P.Deshmukh , Sneha V. Patil


The metal forming process by rotation, commonly known as spinning, is used to manufacture automotive shock absorbers. Spinning machine is used for outer tube of shock absorber. Spinning operation is done by spinning head consisting a set of 3 rollers driven by electric motor. This spinning head connected to spindle housing, which is fixed at top of column. Component is moved against rollers from bottom by hydraulic cylinder. Spinning is done for the fitment of parts such as spacer oil lock, guide spring, wave washer and lower spring seat in front fork and shock absorber. Our ultimate objective is to increase the production rate of shock absorbers and try to get less rejection. Spinning operation done on the spinning machine, the job is fitted in the spinning head in which the three rollers are mounted. To manufacture the rollers some cutting processes , some heat treatment processes are follows. With the help  the rollers spinning is done so all the parts into the shock absorber fixed accurately. By taking the different trials of different radius of rollers such as R2,R2.5,R3 with keeping constant taper angle  10 degree The roller Radius of 3 gives the best results, high productivity and reduce rejection.