Pick And Place Robot Using Hand Gesture

  • Sushant pawar, Sakshi S. Pawar, Radha D. Khade, khushbu khandbahale


Now a days, Robots are playing a chief role in automation across all the areas like construction, military, medical, manufacturing, etc. Some basic robots like line follower robot, computer-controlled robot, Bluetooth-controlled robot etc. have so many drawbacks. To remove this drawback, we have established accelerometer-based gesture-controlled robot by using Arduino Uno. In this we have offered a model to control robotic arm over human gestures using accelerometer. A three-axis accelerometer is placed on human hand to perform the movements of robotic arm according to the movements of human hand. The arm is also furnished with a gripper to simplify the pick and drop facility. The whole plan is placed on a mobile platform with wheels to facilitate movement from one place to another which can be measured using a wireless remote control. The chief intention is to control the robotic arm using human gestures wirelessly with smooth movement over a range.