Design for Six Sigma Methodology for Manufacturing of Hydraulic Broaching Machine

  • Vikrant D. Nichit, Ketaki S. Pagare, Mrunal S. Nehete, Tejal D. Bhagwat


Automation using latest technological tools for new product development is an increasing need of industry as it reduces cycle time, increases productivity and reduces labor cost. The main challenge for industries is providing a better quality, specifications to meet consumers increasing demands, and meet financial goals of organization. Design for six sigma deals continuous improvement of new or existing process using tools which are extensively used such as DMAIC and DMAIV. The main objectives of this research paper is designing and developing a Hydraulic Broaching Machine using Design for Six sigma technology replacing with existing conventional Broaching Machine. For replacing the existing conventional Broaching Machine DMAIC and DMAIV is used. DMAIC briefly defines the problem and analyzes it thereby finding a suitable technique to control the arising problem. By implementation of Design for Six Sigma Methodology speed variations, gradual loading, good surface finish, shorter cycle time can be achieved including waste management. The cost required for replacing the Broaching tool which used to break due to wobbling is also reduced. In this way the maintenance cost is reduced. The heat generation problems and vibration issues will also be controlled.