Application for Housekeeping and Maintenance

  • Prof.M.V.Korade, Manish.D.Chaudhari, Lalit.D.Pangavhane, Akshay.S.Pathak, Rushikesh.B.Kulkarni


The main goal of housekeeping and management business is to meet customer needs while achieving profile targets. The customer satisfaction is the very important factor for the housekeeping and management business. The major indoor, residential and commercial housekeeping service sustain cost effectiveness, save time, improve service quality and improve efficiency of department. This study focuses on impact of outsource housekeeping services. The study considered the few attributes of housekeeping staff and cleanliness of outsource areas impact on customer satisfaction. This paper augments new urgency to develop new trends in housekeeping domain specific for manifold benefits. Housekeeping means performing all the duties towards cleaning, maintaining orderliness, and running a house or a business property. In case of hotels, the housekeeping duties involve maintaining the hotel to the best possible state in terms of cleanliness, and keeping it at highly desirable ambience. The standards of housekeeping services encourages to customers. This research assesse the housekeeping management practice’s and standards of service sector in terms of cleanliness, order lines, sanitation, and safety. Facilities/equipments, materials control and effective maintenance and the problem encountered in the housekeeping department. A validated researcher mode questioner was used to gather the data trangulated by interview and ocular inspection. Weighted means, frequency distribution, percentage and rank were used to analyze data gathered. Housekeeping management practice’s were rated ”very good”. Cleanliness was rated ”outstanding”, while all the other standards were rated ”very good”. Problem affecting the housekeeping department of service sectors evaluated ”slightly serious”. The service sector are encourage to recruit appropriately trend work force and orientation and re- orientation must be part of there housekeeping management programs. service sector must continue to upgrade their facilities to meet the demand of fast changing technologies in this highly competitive world.