Design And Construction of Solar And Wind Hybrid System

  • Prof.(Dr.) L.K.Toke, Pratik D. Gudaghe, Sameer A. Kidey , Vaibhav B. Dhongade, Pushpak K. Deshmukh


In today’s technology driven world electricity is one of the foremost thing for our day to day life activities. As we all are oblivious of the fact that the renewable sources of energy are depleting at a lightning fast rate. So it’s time for us to shift the focus from conventional to non-conventional sources of energy to produce electricity. The output of the electricity produced by non-conventional sources is less than their counter parts. Renewable sources do not have any detrimental effect on the environment. Solar-wind hybrid system is basically an integration of solar plant and a wind energy plant. It will help in providing the uninterrupted power supply. A microcontroller ensures the optimum utilization of resources and it also increases the efficiency of the combined system as compared to the individual mode of generation. It helps in decreasing the dependence on one single source and makes the system more reliable. The hybrid system can be used for both industrial and domestic application Wind and solar energy have being popular ones owing to abundant ease of availability and convertibility to the electric energy. This work covers realization of hybrid energy system for multiple applications, which runs under a designed circuitry to utilize the solar and wind power. The designed circuitry for more efficient results, and inverters to convert the electrical energy as per demand.