Design and Manufacturing of Balanced Stretcher

  • Prof.Ashish.P.Borhade, Tejas.S.Aringale, Akash.B.Borade, Tejas.S.Gade, Shubham.B.Khule


In India, Hospital equipment like stretcher, walker and crutches are useful for patients for moving and for walking especially in indoor and outdoor environment. Moving a patient on wheel stretcher on an inclined surface is often a big task for the attendant. Adopting various sorts of research method helped to gets information of accidents that happened while moving patients on inclined surface with conventional stretcher. This work aims to develop a balanced stretcher with level adjusting mechanism; rack and pinion arrangement along with gear motor is used to maintain the horizontal position of patient on an inclined stretcher. An ADXL sensor is used to detect position of stretcher. This prevents the occurrence of adverse events and safeguards the patient from accidents. It also helps in increasing level of comfort for patient and ease operation as well.