Design and Manufacturing of Height Adjustable Manhole

  • Kunal.U. Shinde, Nikhil Avhad, Hansraj More, Pratik Mahajan, Mustak Ansari


 Most of the times we see when the roads are to be repaired or constructing new the manhole gets covered up due to increase in the height of the road due to which there is need to reconstruct the manhole to achieve that height.else, misaligned manhole frames causes poor access to manholes can also be result in other problems. Because manholes frames are not manufactured to be adjustable, an effort to make repairs is time consuming and often ineffective. Thus there is need to develop adjustable manhole system, the manhole system is constructed by casting the manhole by suitable method according to indian standard. To adjust the height of manhole, system is flexible enough as per the requirement. The scaled model of the height adjustable manhole is made and solid modelling using creo software has been done to determine optimal dimension of gear shaped parts through stresses formulas and application. Ansys workbench is used to validate the strength of manhole. Fabrication of scaled model has been done after appropriate selection of the nodular cast iron framework for nut and screw parts. Where the holder element is developed using mild steel frame. Testing has been done by suitable methods to determine and experimentally validate the strength of the part. It has been found that the stresses generated in the newly developed manhole system are well below the allowable stress of the material used for Manufacturing.