Automated multi modes wheelchair

  • K.B.Mahajan, P.L.Akolkar, S.H.Bendale, K.T.Pawar ,A.R.Kumavat


This paper is to develop a wheel chair control which is useful to the physically disabled person using multiple modes. The modes are Joystick, voice command, hand gesture and Android app. This mode will help persons with almost all sorts of disabilities. There are many wheelchair systems for physically disabled persons available in the market but as we move towards automation its more costly so, the main objective is to lower the price of the wheelchair while advancing the same. Raspberry pi is used as a controller for the system. Smart Wheel Chair is mechanically controlled devices designed to have self

mobility with the help of the user command. This reduces the user’s human effort and force to drive the wheels for wheelchair . Furthermore it provides an opportunity for visually or physically impaired persons to move from one place to another. The wheelchair is also provided with obstacle detection system, which reduces the chance of collision while on the journey.