Design and Fabrication of Three Way Dumping/Tipping Trolley

  • Prakash Madhukar Sutar, Nishant Sunil Pagare, Tejas Suresh Mhaisdhune, Vaibhav S. Avad ,Disha S. More


The demand in transportation of goods is at peak and the task of unloading the material at the destination is accomplished with the help of conventional dumping/tipping trolley. The dumping/tipping trolley used can only unload the material from rear side of trolley. Unloading of goods is not a big task in open space, but in compact space maneuvering of the trolley to unload the material in specific place is challenging task for the driver. Many times, driver would get frustrated and tiresome as it is more time-consuming task. So, to overcome this problem we have come with an idea of designing of “Three-way Dumping/Tipping Trolley” which can unload the material in three direction, viz. left side, right side and as usual rear side. A Model of three-way dumping/tipping trolley was developed using NX 10 based on design consideration. In this tipping trolley the Hydraulic Cylinder is used to lift the trolley in respective direction. The placement of hydraulic cylinder is such a way that the location of cylinder matches with center of trolley. For tilting the trolley in defined direction, the Locking pins are used to lock the pivot points (hinges). Further the different elements of system were analyzed for critical stress under shear and buckling.