Design and Development of Fire Fighting Robot and Android Controller

  • L. K. Toke, Prajwal S Kolhe, Ubaid M Ansari, Kunal S Varade, Rohan R Malode


There are innovative improvement has increase the possibilities to caught the flame mishaps and danger in industries or any remote areas. Detecting the fire and extinguishing is hazardous job for a fire fighter, it often risk the life of that person. In this paper authors proposed the design and development of fire fighting robot with android controller which provide the solution to extinguish the fire during the fire mishaps with the help of water sprinkler. Fire fighting robot is used for extinguishing and surveillance purpose. The robot is equipped with the flame sensor which detect the flame within certain range and camera for surveillance. The movement of robot take place through the drive motor. The robot is operate wirelessly to communicate between robot and operator through Bluetooth. The robot design is having the external water supply and water pump which is connected to the servo motor to spray water. The spraying of water through water hose and mechanism of stopper done by servo motor. The front portion of robot is provided with water hose, Surveillance camera, Flame sensor & LED light. The ability of robot is go through the narrow areas and restricted terrains. The all operation done by robot is operated using the atmega16 microcontroller.