Design And Manufacturing Of Pneumatic Conveyor Using Double Acting Cylinders For Machine Shop.

  • Assistance Prof P.P. Kulkarni, Dayanand A Mahale, Umesh Y.Narkhede, Subodh J.Vahul, Pratik S.Patil


The materials can be transported conveniently to various destinations by means of a different material handling devices. Products are  moved  through  various conveyer structure versatility. Basically Pneumatic conveying is routinely used to move material within process plants. On account of the compressibility of the conveying air, the pneumatic conveying of solids is quite different from the pumping of liquids or slurries The selection of many of the components that comprise a conveying system.  Energy is also required to move material through a pneumatic conveying system, but in this case the energy is supplied by pressure differential and airflow continuously. But in this pneumatic conveying system work in combination of gravity trolley, the air pressure in the conveying line is changed by the system’s air mover, which generates pressure in cylinder which creates slope from one side which transfer or move the trolley from one station to another station. Where the air mover is cylinder in the system determines whether it to move for material transfer.