Design and Performance Analysis of Solar Water Heater and Dryer System using Solar Energy.

  • Prof. (Dr.) A.S. Dube, Nikhil Prasad, Rachna Ekhande, Samit Biswas, Abhimanyu Singh


The conventional energy sources like coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear energy are either on the verge of depletion or cause harm to human health and atmosphere or both. The only infinite power source that is free to use all day everyday is sunlight hence it is necessary to shift to Non-conventational energy sources i.e, clean energy sources. The project is about developing a combined system of water heater and dryer using solar energy. As the use of solar water heater is limited only for few month so our aim is to make it use throughout the year by adding a dryer along with the heater, which means that whenever the water heating system is at rest the system can be used for drying purpose for the drying of fruits and vegetables required for daily needs or they can be used simultaneously. This system is also very useful for farmers to remove moisture content from fruits and vegetables. The cost reduction is a major factor .The system includes copper tubes, glass cover, drying chamber, insulated tank. This is a rooftop system which receives solar energy directly.