Testing of flywheel and measurement of air flow parameters

  • Pathan Shoaibkhan Zakirkhan, Mrunal Milind Deshpande, 3 Dr. Dhanpal A. Kamble , Mr. Dattatray B. Nalawade,


This project aims at developing and testing setup for measurement of various air flow parameters on the      flywheel. The need for this setup arises from flywheel manufacturing company to test flywheel performance over various air flow parameters of different diameter flywheels. The main goal is to measure velocity, pressure and temperature of atmospheric air passing over flywheel when it is rotating. These parameters are measured by using pitot tube sensor which measures velocity and pressure as well. The whole setup design and the locations where all the measuring instruments are to be measure and the points where measurements are to be done are all specified by ASME.

The drive system used in this setup is three phase squirrel cage motor with variable frequency drive to vary the speed so as to take readings at various flywheel speeds till it reaches its maximum speed of 1568 rpm.