Design And Development Of Material Handling Robot

  • Prof. Dr. L. K. Toke, Avinash Shimpi, Nikhil Pawar , Krutik Panchal, Vishwadip Pawar


In industrial robotic environment, there are many different robots performing a variety of tasks. In our project robot is used for material handling. Material handling robot refers to a type of system that can be used in production as well as in other industries. This system includes battery operated mobile sensing locomotive on which small lift is provided, path detector for specific path on which it moves, sensors for sensing the obstacles also sensors for sensing the position of loading and unloading. The material handling robot moves using electric supply from battery, the motors are provided for moving robots on wheels. The motor gets power through control unit and wheels follow the path that is detected by path detector by certain color (Yellow) or operator commanded way through android application .The all operation done by robot is operated using the 8355 microcontroller.