Design And Manufacturing Equipment For Making Sieve Slurry

  • K.U.Shinde, Chetansing Navalsing Patil,Vaibhav Sangale, Rohit Ahire,Abhishek Dabhade


Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy and about 75% of population in India otally dependent on agriculture for their slurry. There are many techniques developed in India for cultivating for advanced farming but those techniques are not affordable for each and every farmer. Because of their high precaution and purchasing cost. To overcome this drawback, it is very necessary to develop some economic way which increases the production rate and fulfills the demand of the suppliers and also to decrease the increasing malnutrition graph one such technique is enlightened in this project. Hence, we are going to develop a device named as “biochemically sieved slurry.” This is affordable for large scale as well as small scale farmers. The device totally based on agriculture field.