Real Time Face Recognation To Dentify Criminals And Missing Peoples

  • Krutishil Vijay Purkar, Sumit Borse, Mayur Patil


Since, there Is extremely less information and utilization of Facial Recognition System for security observation in India. This system proposes a framework which utilizes Facial Recognition to track or look through an objective individual from a continuous video feed, similar to a images from a reconnaissance framework. Right off the bat, the system is furnished with a Live Video film of the zone that must be examined. At that point it is given an information, informational collection of pictures of a focused on individual for instance, a missing individual, criminal, and so on. When the info is given the system will remove a predefined set of facial attributes from the Input Dataset and make a preparation module which will help in looking through the individual from the ongoing video film. In the event that a match is discovered, the system will distinguish and check the individual.

Likewise one of the principle goals of this undertaking is to build up the previously mentioned framework related to the current Surveillance framework for example to make it good with the as of now introduced reconnaissance cameras in order keep the expenses and bother of running it at least. The utilizations of this proposed system can be in Government Organizations like Police, Military, Municipal Corporations, Large Companies, and so on for following individuals.