Design and Fabrication of Major Losses Test Rig

  • Prof. K. D. More, Praful Deshmukh, Virendra Nikam, Danish Shaikh, Chetan Jadhav.


Major Loss is friction loss in flow through a pipe of circular or noncircular cross section. These losses are effect of viscosity, fluid flow type and flow against wall of pipe/Duct. In case of duct or pipe fluid flow, friction losses are loss of pressure or head due to fluid viscosity effect near pipe or duct surface. In this work, major losses test rig is designed and fabricated with pipes of different diameter (29 mm, 2 in numbers and 22 mm, 1 in number) and different material (PVC and GI) are used. Testing of test rig will include determination of friction factor and major loss through each pipe by using Darcy-Weisbach equation. Also ultrasonic sensors are used for accurate measurement of actual discharge.