Smart Irrigation System

  • M.K.Sangole ,Bhumika P Patil, Chaitainya Thombre, Jibin Jacob


Today the farmers are finding difficulty in monitoring the field about moisture content and temperature of the field. Hence, this project is developed to monitor the farms using the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) and Image processing. The solar panel is used in our project to utilize the renewable energy which acts as an uninterruptable power sources.. The Soil moisture sensor and the Humidity sensors are used to monitor the moisture content of the soil and also the temperature and humidity of the surroundings. The DC Pump can be controlled automatically (switched ON/OFF) by the Arduino, Ethernet shield and Relay, based on the soil moisture and the temperature level. These  data’s and the condition of the DC Pump are send to the BLYNK ANDROID App to monitor the farms and lands by simply login to our account, and the condition of the DC Pump is also notified to the user Email with the help of internet connections by using Arduino and Ethernet shield. In image camers technique the health condition of the crop is intimated to the user with the help of  webcam. The Camera captures the images of the crops and checks the images of the crops to detect its health condition whether it is infected or in Healthy condition. And the condition of the crops is intimated to the user by sending its images and health condition of the crops by E-mail notifications. This can be monitored from any part of the world.