IOT Based Smart Waste Collection System Automation for Smart City

  • Harshada katare, Dipti More, Priyanka Kothule, Prof. Bharat Deore, Dr. Dipak Patil


over the years the manual attending management has been carried across most of waste management system. To beat the issues of manual attending, we've developed “IOT based mostly attending Management System”. Attending Management System is predicated on net server, which might be enforced on any vehicle of waste management system. During this application we have a tendency to be attending to update the automated attending of worker of waste management system and additionally system goes to trace the situation of trash collection vehicle. The system communicates with info residing on a foreign server. It calculates mechanically, the attending share of the employee/ with none manual paper-based work. The system facilitates the tip users with interactive style and automatic process of attending management. The proposed system will be helpful for planning the effective management of garbage collection system