Incinerator For Household Waste

  • Prof. Firdos Jahan Khan, Amey Sutar, Prasad Wagh, Sagar Raut, Nayan Yadav


Disposal of municipal solid waste remain one of the major problems in modern societies, even though the significant effort to prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle. The waste material collection is piling up every day in almost all the cities of India and creating hazardous situation in terms of pollution. The main aim of study is to utilise these waste materials in an efficient way to help mankind by the process of incineration. Incineration is the process of combustion of organic material present in the solid waste and giving by product. The by-product of incineration is heat flue gases and ashes. The proper use of by product are obtained by generation of electricity. The environmental conditions of incineration process must be very precise to make it environmentally safe; more focus is on emission control. This project investigates the utilisation of cyclone and scrubber for the filtering of flue gases emitted by the incineration during combustion process before releasing to the atmosphere. The attempt as an assessment has been made to bring in awareness about effective utilisation of low-cost incineration and air pollution control device used for cleaning.