Sustainable Development of Rural Area by Solar PVC System

  • Dushyant S. Bagul, Shubham R. Patel, Nishigandha Sonawane, Saraswati More


The excessive amount of use of fossils fuels to produce electricity has been continuously resulting in the depletion of the conventional resources. Solar energy, the most abundant renewable energy resources in the most preferable alternative for the production of electricity. Solar power plant needs some amount of land to be set up on depending upon capacitor. Cost of land plays an important part to setting up solar power plant. Due to unavailability of a proper land, the cost of land goes high. Due to this, we propose to set up the solar power plant on dam downstream of bodies. The output of the plant can be used to power nearby irrigation system, dam gates, street light etc. The main purpose of the project is to design and install a solar structure on the surface of dam body that would accommodate a solar power plant. In this study an attempt is made to provide alternative to develop that area by using dam site. With the help of solar panel system, we can generate 5.51Kwh/m2/day electricity as there is electricity problems due rural areas and with help of this system we can reduce electricity cost by generating electricity that would also be beneficial for irrigation, rural development, and reduced the maintenance cost of project, with help of rivet software we have made model study.