Effect of Deposition Time on Structural and Morphological Properties of Electrodeposited Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) Thin Films

  • Khairnar V.S., Patil D. P., Waghmare R.V.


Present work deals with the temporal electrodeposition of Bi2Te3 thin films. Structural, elemental and surface morphological analysis of deposited films has been caused out using XRD and SEM with EDXs techniques. XRD contributes the formation of Bi2Te3 crystals with crystalline size in the range of 3 nm to 9 nm. EDXS is in agreement with X-ray diffractometer and confirms the qualitative formation of Bi2Te3 in the stoichiometry of 2:3. Scanning electron microscope reveals the influence of the deposition time over the evolution of spherical morphology with increasing diameters of the Bi2Te3 particles in the deposited films.