A Reveiw Of Analysis Of Types Of Ndt Method

  • Prof. Kailas Phalak, Prof. Hitesh Patil, Bhagendra Bachhav, Yash Pawar, Sanket Awate, Jay Verma


According to the various review papers of various structure such as buildings, roads, RCC structure such as water tank, bridges etc. evaluate with the help of various NDT methods. Each type of structure showing its properties, according to, it requires various NDT methods. The types of defects or flaws for different materials may vary excessively. Some NDT instruments only work on non-porous surface. Some NDT methods fail to stabilise old or historic monuments. Many of the instruments requires full of electricity as well as constant supervision. Hence it is cleared that all NDT methods or it’s combination not use for all structures. And many of the instruments are works on site many of them required skill labour. Therefore, there is need to develop easily accessible and effortless instrument.