Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking

  • Ayaz Ansari, Amit Mishra, Bramhanandam Pashikanti, Priya Sharma


Alcohol driving is the leading cause of road accidents. Drunken driver are not in stable condition so the driving is also inconvenience for other users and it also a question to damage of property as well as life of drunken drivers and for others too. In this project, we are developing a system which will lock the engine when the driver is drunk. The input for the system in the form of detection of alcohol in vehicle, the alcohol sensor is attached to the controller. The alcohol sensor will be near the driver from where it can detect the presence of alcohol by analyzing the breath of the driver. If any trace of alcohol is found above the set limit, the system displays alcohol detection note on LCD screen and gives an emergency siren and also stops the engine and also permits an alert to the owner on his mobile phone in form of SMS as well as it will share  location of the vehicle. The system requires push button to start the engine. If alcohol is detected by the sensor at the time of starting the engine, the system will block the engine and it will fails to start, and if alcohol is detected after starting of the engine then also the system will lock the engine and the vehicle stops. Thereby minimizing the chances of any mishaps that can happen, this project presents a way to avoid drunken drive accidents.