Design and Fabrication of Power Tiller By Using Scooter Engine

  • Prof. Suyog. Y. Gaware, Ms.Ashvi Umesh Patel, Ms.Dhanashree Ravindra Ingle, Ms.Pratiksha Balasaheb Barkale, Ms Kanchan Rajendra Badgujar


Earlier farmers were using Traditional farming method which is time consuming, hardworking and costly, hence we introduce new technology. Generally, the machines are used for the farming purpose in India which is of higher level. All machines were used in farms are costlier and not affordable to farmers, hence to overcome this problem we were make this model. This working model of power tiller, we were done their trial on the farms and results are being successful and achieve our main aim to make this model. In this paper we can directly discuss about the working machinery which would be work in one and half hector for tilling purpose.