Smart Classroom with Intelligent Projector

  • Ashwini S Godse, Amit Mishra, Shweta R Shardul, Samruddhi N Gangurde


The Internet has become a daily necessity to utmost of the effective participants in which we interact and communicate among ourselves by switching data and information sensed about the environment and atmosphere. In this project we use IoT for energy efficient Environmental Conditions recognizing and supervising in our Classroom with smart projector. This project will help the teacher present in the

Classroom to allow them to control the classroom and

Projector using android application in the Android smart phone. The overall system design is mainly based on ATmega328p. The appliances are to be controlled by the Android Application namely blynk software. We can supervise the state of sensors connected in the ATmega328p board and we can control the modules by simply enabling some options in the android application