A Numerical Study for Electricity Generation by applying potential head of waste water flowing down through vertical drainpipes of High Rise Building by Using systems of very small Turbines.

  • Mr. A.G. Chaudhari, Dr. V. M. Natraj


The demand on energy is continuously increasing. Small or large strategies either to save or generate energy are being continuously developed. This paper reports the numerical results to generate electricity by use of wastewater from high rise building while falling down through vertical drain-pipe. The three alternate arrangements have been arbitrarily selected for the study. Wastewater collected from bath rooms, basin and kitchen sink are collected in the storage tanks. These tanks may be located at selected floor level of building and connected by the pipe systems along-with pico (small) turbines, to generate power. The results of three different cases shows variations in electricity generation as the amount of the waste water varies with the quantity of waste water and potential head. The test results also revealed that there is an opportunity for electricity generation by utilizing waste water of High rise buildings and may be used as an alternative source for electricity generation..