An Improved Co-operative Load Balancing Algorithm with Machine learning techniques in Cloud Computing

  • J. Vijayaraj, , D. Loganathan


Realizing the huge features and features that cloud computing has to offer by geniuses in the digital marketing world is increasing its need. Because customer satisfaction is always the manifestation of a shining field, balancing its burden becomes a major issue. Various heuristic and meta-heuristic methods were used to obtain the optimal solutions. The present era is very much impressed by the provision of smart systems that are self-manageable, self-learning, self-healing, and self-configurable. Various artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and algorithms are being updated to get the self-manageable smart cloud. In this review, the latest trend in the use of techniques, their application areas, scope, qualifications, and shortcomings are highlighted. These techniques are further classified as event-based machine learning algorithms and reinforcement learning techniques based on their learning ability. Reinforcement learning is preferred when there is no training data set. This allows the system to learn through its own experience, even in a changing environment.