Risk Management In The System Of Economic Security Of Enterprises

  • A.A. Temirqulov


The article deals with the problems of ensuring the economic security of industrial enterprises. Harmonization of economic interests through efficient functioning and use of resources is a goal during the growth stage. The purpose of the system of economic security of enterprises is to ensure sustainable development and high profitability. The introduction of a risk management system as an integral part of the economic security system makes it more flexible and efficient. The functioning and development of enterprises are influenced by numerous external and internal factors. Multiple threats to economic security can lead to negative consequences in the form of a violation of solvency and financial stability, a decrease in profitability and other deterioration in the state of the enterprise. In this regard, the relevance and need to ensure the economic security of enterprises is increasing. To counter threats to economic security and ensure the stable operation of an enterprise, the article presents a comprehensive system for ensuring economic security. The main directions for strengthening the economic security of the enterprise for each of the functional components were presented. Ensuring the economic security of enterprises serves as the basis for sustainable development of both business and the economy as a whole