Islamic Integralism and Muakhi Culture: The Relevance of Philosophical Values of Local Culture and Lampung Community Development

  • Faurani Santi Singagerda, Firmansyah Alfian, Novita Sari, M. Fikri Akbar


This research revealed about 'Islamic Integralism and the Contribution of Muakhi Culture for the development of Human Resources and Civilization, which is focused on the relevance of the philosophical values of Local Culture and Lampung Community Development'. The method used is involved in observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation study. Qualitative analysis of the field of philosophy is done by interpreting, comparing, and linking the theory of "Islamic Intergralism and Muakhi Culture" with data that has been processed, criticized, and can be applied. The result turns out that the Islamic integration and muakhi based on the philosophical values of Lampung's local culture are the reality and the work of the perpetrators so that Muakhi as a philosophy of life grows develops in society as a 'local genius' and 'local wisdom' of the nation that is useful for community development and world civilization. The results found that the Muakhi is the philosophy of life of indigenous peoples that can contribute and have relevance significantly to the development of Lampung society. The research also showed that the Lampung culture is the essence of Islamic values integrated with the life cycle of humans, nature, and the environment.