Sensory marketing and its impact on motivation towards purchase in Peruvian bank agency clients

  • Isabel Jannett Pedreros-Cabezas , Víctor Hugo Fernández-Bedoya


Research that aimed to determine the incidence of sensory marketing on motivation towards purchase and its
dimensions (modification of the need, modification of motivation, modification of purchase behaviour and
stimulation towards purchase) in Peruvian bank agency clientes. Study of quantitative approach, type applied,
explanatory-descriptive level, non-experimental design and cross section. Infinite population comprising number of
people visiting a bank located in Peru, sample of 385 (probability sample). The technique applied was the survey in
the presence and virtual modality. The instrument consisted of 27 items in total, validated qualitatively and
quantitatively, with the endorsement of 7 expert judges and the V. Aiken coefficient of 0.99; the reliability results
yielded values of 0.971 of general Cronbach's alpha and 0.941 and 0.956 of two Guttman halves. It was concluded
that sensory marketing positively affects the motivation to purchase in Peruvian bank agency clientes (p. < 0.05) as
well as its dimensions (p. < 0.05).