An Analysis of Factors Bringing to Socio Economic Growth in Local Communities

  • Haudi Khairi Aseh Kamal Kenny, P.Ravindran Pathmathan


Common perception of rural areas indicated that the areas are a social and economic environment where
agriculture plays a significant role in its economic function. However, this is not the case. Several
researches have demonstrated that socio-economic development of local communities is significantly
influenced by many factors, for example the accessibility of their areas. Over the years, partnership
between public and private entities in the context of socio-economic development in Malaysia has shown
empirical success as reinforced by the need to address demands and challenges of the local community.
These initiatives would provide essential inputs that would suffice relevant literatures for the stakeholders
in order to develop a better socio-economic growth in Malaysia. Looking at the potential, this study
attempts to determine the socio-economic demands and challenges of the local population in Cameron
Highlands, Pahang to suggest relevant assistance and interventions required. The overall results of this
study reveal the gaps faced at the community level in the District of Cameron Highland in the context of
social and economy. This study was carried out via a structured survey throughout the district involving
300 respondents and also complemented with a face-to-face interview carried out with key stakeholders.
The study findings were also supported with secondary data compilation of journals, articles and