The X Factor of Employee and Team Innovativeness in The Healthcare Industry

  • Haudi Khairi Aseh Kamal Kenny, PhD P. Ravindran Pathmathan


Healthcare organizations accept best practice as they execute and screen the most recent clinical proof
accessible. Nonetheless, this methodology can bring about quick increment in costs so as to keep awake to
date with best in class advancements, dispensing spending requirements that work at the costs of soft people
management issues. This can deliver endeavors to apply basic healthcare innovations troublesome. Past
writing proposed that leadership assumes a significant factor in individual and team innovativeness. In this
study, the researcher draws on the possibility that transformational leadership is equipped for empowering
social associations inside a group and in this way encourages individual and team innovativeness. This study
is set to examine the job of knowledge sharing and group reflexivity in clarifying how transformational
leadership empowers innovativeness. Besides, abundant proof proposes that new information expands
innovativeness. By applying this rationale, would it be a good idea for us to expect people and groups
inadequate in new information acquisition not to be innovative? Would followers socially interface differently
for this situation? Likewise, would transformational leaders have the option to check information inadequacy
so as to drive creativity? The literature gaps this study endeavor to fulfill is whether under transformational
leadership, distinctive social interaction mechanisms are set off in response to various degrees of external
knowledge acquisition so as to drive innovativeness.