Impact of Compensation, Training, And Job Enrichment and Enlargement on Health Workers Motivation

  • Ismail AlAbri , Rusinah bte Siron


Background: A well-motivated health workers employees are the key to meeting of the continuous and
changing demand of healthcare services across the world. Motivation is the process of increasing
employee commitment as it is considered one of the key fundamentals which are essential for
organizational success. In a globalized working environment, implementing an effective compensation
system, appropriate training, and job enrichment and enlargement are some of the key challenges to the
organizations to keep them motivated. Thus, the present study aims to investigate the key influencing
factors such as compensation, training, job enrichment and enlargement and their effect on the
employee’s motivation working in the government health sector Oman.
Methodology: Data was collected through an organized self-administered survey. Questionnaires were
distributed among 600 health professionals in the period of 2019/2020 A total of 446 replies were
received back. Data were analyzed using SPSS and AMOS.
Results: The results revealed that all the independent variables such as compensation, training, and job
enrichment and enlargement have a positive relationship with the employee motivation. These findings
are is in line with a number of prior studies.
Conclusion: The study suggest that government health sector should formulate an appropriate
compensation system comprises of monetary and non-monetary rewards, job training to enhance the
knowledge and skills and offer the job enrichment and enlargement opportunities to the health workers to
expand their motivation which can result in the better performance in the country health sector.