Women Rights Violation in Pakistan Case Study of Jirga System in Baluchistan

  • Zaheer Hussain Soomro, Prof. Dr. Amir Ahmed Khuhro, Liaquat Ali Chandio


Women are the half population of the men in everywhere in the world. Women throughout world are distinguished due to race color and sex, family status, economic condition, manmade laws, custom and tradition, old custom, piree mureedi, and marry play thing. In old age time women were given to gods for mercy and kind and prosperity. Slow and continues women cultivated land and first time grow corn. This revolution change the destiny of women and male became the master of women. All outer works and responsibilities were in hands of male.  In that time wars were common due to internal conspiracy in kingship and world was divided in different zones, every zone was under the local king.  Due to marriaging they save kingdoms or destroy other kingdom. .  Now women became income source of family, education became the major sources for women to get their basic rights, but people were not ready to accept the equality due to races, color and sex.  Pakistan is one of them.  The Baluchistan is one of them, there women rights are still under decision and women are facing lot of problem that are, Sawera, kidnaping walwar, sexual harassment, physical violence, acid attack, psychological effect, the divorced, bride kidnaping. Dower death, female infanticides, forced marriage. Emotional abuses, economic abuse, child marriage, grotesque’s marriage, discriminatory customary practices, x hang In Jirga system due to male dominate society.