Implementation Of Organizational Citizenship Behavior On Windu Sari Art Market Gianyar

  • I Wayan Kasnata, I Wayan Sujana, Nengah Landra


The achievement of company goals from the work of employees is essential in managing human resources. The achievement of optimal employee performance based on good behavior in carrying out work, as well as organizational support is becoming increasingly important. This research was conducted to test and explain the role of work motivation and organizational culture in implementing behavior organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the workplace, and its impact on employee performance. This research was conducted with a survey approach to employees who work at Windu Sari Art Market Gianyar. The number of employees studied was 70 people and used as the sample unit. Data obtained from distributing questionnaires, then analyzed using variant-based SEM with the Smart-PLS software program. The results of the analysis obtained show that the increase in employee performance at Windu Sari Art Market Gianyar can be directly determined by the work motivation of employees, a strong organizational culture, and the implementation of OCB. However, the organizational culture that is built strongly at Windu Sari Art Market Gianyar can encourage the implementation of OCB in the workplace,. In addition, some suggestions are given from this study to optimize employee performance by strengthening organizational culture and motivating employees to work through implementing OCB in the workplace.