Analysis of senior high school students' creative thinking skills profile

  • Anjuman Makkar, Dr. Manju Sharma


The aim of this research is to analyse the initial profile of creative thinking skills in Senior High
School students on biology learning. This research was a quantitative descriptive research using test
method. Analysis was conducted by giving tests containing creative thinking skills. The research
subject was grade 11 students of Senior High School that categorised by its accreditation as category
A (high grade) and category B (low grade) at New Delhi. Based on the analysis, it showed that the
percentage of creative thinking skill achievement in category A school is: fluency (46.35%), flexibility
(13.54%), originality (20%), and elaboration (34.76%); meanwhile, category B school is fluency
(30.39%), flexibility (2.45%), originality (9.11 %) and elaboration (12.87%). The lowest percentage
of that result in both school categories was found on flexibility and originality indicator. Based on the
result, the average of creative thinking skills in category A school was 28.66%, and category B school
was 13.71%. The conclusion of this research is the initial profile of students' creative thinking skills in
biology learning was relatively in low grade. The result indicates that creative thinking skills of
Senior High School students should become a serious attention considering the low percentage on
each indicator.