Study of Career Development Programs and Job Satisfaction: A Cuasal Analysis

  • Ms. Nadia Samo, Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Junejo


The basic objective of this analysis was to analysis the outcome of career development programs on job satisfaction with mediating impact of perceived organizational support in public sector universities of Province of Sindh in Pakistan. Further to this, it was also aimed to explore the level of dedication and commitment of the teachers towards their profession. Whether these teachers are satisfied from the task and job descriptions assigned to them by the Management or they face some challenges. It is observed through related studies that the level of commitment of the teachers is still under investigation through research especially in the General Public Sector Universities of Sindh Pakistan. The main focus of this study is to highlight the issues which are raised by the Teachers during their job performances. This study will contribute its inputs to improve the system within the universities atmosphere as well as to understand the grass root challenges. A descriptive research is chosen for this study which will be purely based on survey. There are two major general universities of Sindh which are taken to conduct a research. This research is only focused on teaching staff of the Universities. We have distributed approximately 650questionnaires among the teaching staff of the Universities through emails, by hand, post etc. after several follow up 331 valuable questionnaires are collected.

PLS software was used to test data and hypotheses. Outcomes of the research indicated that perceived organizational support fully mediated the relationship between career development programs and job satisfaction.