Routes to Plausibility: A Local Knowledge System - Its Challenges and Possibilities.

  • Mushabbiha Farhin


 The  practice  of  traditional  medicine  by  different  ethnic  groups  to  cure  diseases  and  ailments  bears  testimony  to  different  kinds  of  traditional  knowledge  systems. This study aims to understand  how  modernization  and  development  of  medical  pluralism  has  affected  the  growth  and  significance  of  the  local  medical  practices  of  Chakar Dhara  village, a small village located in the Golaghat district of Assam.  It also aims to unravel how  in  the  era  of  cultural  globalization,  local  medicine  thrives  for  recognition. The study is based on field research through qualitative data collection, observation and sampling methods.