Efficacy in Training Programmes and its Impact on the Enhancement of Group Performance

  • Deepali Pai, Rajiv Samuel, Shefali Tiwari


The IT Industry in Republic of India has scaled heights in the last two decades. This industry consists of IT services and other services related to IT. IT industry contributes to India’s GDP. The increasing changes in technological advancements, changing dimensions of political and economic perspectives, cut throat competitions have been the challenges faced by the IT Sector. These constant dynamic environmental changes have pushed this industry to impart training with efficacy and enhance their performance constantly. Since the last decade, Knowledge Economy has gained momentum in the Technological World and its paramountcy has been widely recognized by all. It has carved a niche for itself and could not be ignored. Many evidences are observedrelated to learning sessions. These have brought improvements in Technology and increase in productivity. For IT sector, because of constant updates in technology, it is needed to enhance the group performance by the implementation of effective training sessions for their employees. The returns given by the knowledge workers in the IT Industry are not known individually but it is a result of collective performance called group performance. It is observed that for sustaining effective group performance, it is significantly important to enhance the productivity of employees in this sector by increasing their efficiency that is enhanced by imparting training sessions to them which have efficacy. In order to achieve goals and accomplish objectives, training is the best way for building competencies and developing intellectual property. Therefore, it is required to utilize human potentialities effectively in achieving the goals of companies. Moreover, it is important for IT companies to lend its support to its workforce in obtaining the necessary skills and competencies and increase commitment.The aimof this research workis to measure the impact of efficacy in training on the group performance in IT companies. Total 190 employees were chosen through convenience sampling method and through the application of regression results were arrived at. The result indicated that group performance is explained by the efficacy in training methods. For this research, Indore city was selected and through self-framed questionnaire, the responses were gathered. The efficacy in training was measured on various variables like clear direction, content, knowledge in culmination of technology, organizational support, designing training programs as per the abilities of employees, monetary aspects for motivation.