Modernizing Research-Paper Access Operations through RPA

  • Abhilash Shekhar , Harshit Gautam , Priyatosh Dixit , Ribhu Mukherjee , Souvik Kundu, Preeti Mulay , Rahul Joshi , Ketan Kotecha


Background/Objectives: Scopus is one of the largest database of peer reviewed literature, research papers, scientific journals, books and conference preceding providing a comprehensive overview of the world’s research in the domain of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities. Researchers across the globe are an avid user of Scopus, and the issue they all are facing is that they have to enter each possible keyword to boil down the search results to minimum by trial error method again and again making the process exhaustive, monotonous and mind-numbing. Recalling former search queries after finite amount of time is tedious and mentally taxing. This research has been undertaken to solve this problem. Methods: This research attempts to solve this problem by automating the Scopus website using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the technology that was solely introduced to prevent repetitive tasks. Findings: The key motivation behind writing this paper is to highlight the fact that, the mentally taxing, monotonous, and time-consuming work reduces the efficiency and innovation of the researcher in the long run. So, the design of the system should be such that their effort gets reduced to a larger extent. Applications: Automation of Scopus using RPA would prove to be an efficient system to ease the work of the researching by reducing the repetitive tasks and improving the efficiency of research across the globe.