A Study on Student’s Preference towards Online Education during Covid-19 Pandemic Period

  • Dr.K.Veerakumar, Dr.G.Gnanaselvi, Dr. Kolachina Srinivas


COVID-19 pandemic period have changed their day to day learning activities into a serious impact on students, instructors, and educational organizations around the globe. In the present research primary data were collected by structured questionnaire from 200 student’s in Coimbatore District. The main objective of the study was to identify preference of student’s towards online education during Covid-19 pandemic period. The hypothesis is framed to find the Demographic factor influence the student’s preference towards online education. The collected data was analysed using Z test, ANOVA and Regression. The study concludes to survive in the digital era and stay relevant, students should be aware of online education websites which should be apt, innovative and unique to shape their future in better way.