Comparative Analysis between FIBC Bags and Other Flexible Packing Material: With Reference to Export Houses in Delhi and NCR

  • Arvind Shivhare , Shubha R Singh


For all exporters, precautionary measures should be used when exporting goods, especially in
developed countries. Some countries have strict rules for marking and marking, especially food,
destruction or dangerous goods. For example, in Europe, consumers who respect the environment are
therefore instructed to use non-organic ingredients. In terms of packaging trends, environmental
concerns and changing consumer behavior can dictate packaging trends. Consumers prefer packages
that do not require difficult disposal procedures, are easy to carry and store, etc. This present study
tries to compare between the present form of packaging material used by the exporters and
replacement of the same with FIBC Bags. The exporters of selected materials from Delhi and NCR
and some of their respective customers are selected for study.