Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act-2013: A Study of Banks and Justice J.S.Verma’sVishakha Guidelines

  • Abhishek Tiwari, Rajeev Samuel


Sexual harassment at work in India is one of the most common crimes against women. Equality before
the law and equal protection between men and women is a constitutional guarantee of the strength of
several legal provisions in the Indian Criminal Code (IPC). Some special laws have also been
enacted from time to time to prevent and control women's sexual exploitation. One of them is the
Sexual Harassment (Prevention, Prohibition, and Remedy) Act of Women in the Workplace, 2013. The
law explains what all can be sexual harassment and how the Workplace must be proactive to ensure
women's rights. This document attempts to clarify the periphery of the law and how organizations
should act to protect and preserve the dignity of females.