Study Of Effect Of Chromium Induced Changes In Seed Germination Patterns Of Vigna Angularis

  • Anil Kumar , Shalabh Gupta


In the present investigation two accessions (V1 and V2) of Vigna angularis were exposed to different
concentrations of chromium treatments from 10-2M to 10-10M. The higher seed germination, root
length, shoot length and fresh weight were observed in the root tips of control seedlings. Similarly, the
lowest germination percentage (40.0 % in both at 10-2M), seedling length (1.7 cm and 1.5 cm at 10-
2M) and fresh weight (0.15 gm/seedling in V1 at various Cr concentrations and 0.12 gm/seedling in
V2 at 10-7M) were observed. Root shoot ratio (R/S) declined significantly from 10-10M to 10-2M Cr
concentrations over control. In V1, the minimum R/S was found to be in 10-5M concentration, and
inV2 minimum R/S was found to be in10-10M concentration. The RC (response coefficient) values
increased progressively from 10-2M to 10-10M in both the accessions