Evaluating Effect of Workforce Diversity on Employee’s Innovativeness: Testing Mediation and Moderation Model.

  • Mohd Sadad Mahmud, Muhammad Bilal Majid, Yusnita Yusof, Nik Hazimi Mohammed Foziah, Irfan Sabir, Hamid Mahmood, Ayesha Nawal


The purpose of current research study is to investigate the effect of workforce diversity towards employees’ innovativeness in the banking industry of Pakistan. The diverse workforce in Pakistan is quite admirable and it is becoming an ever increasing trend in the past couple of decades. For this particular study, Simple random sampling technique is used for data collection, adapted and self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data from research participants and data is collected from the all commercial and Islamic banks of Gujrat, Punjab Pakistan.  The study is quantitative and explanatory in nature and deductive approach has been used. Hypothesis are tested that employees diversity is associated with employees innovativeness and the result has been supported to the hypothesis. The current study fills the academic gap and enhance the body of knowledge in the existing literature on diversity.