Impact Of Vocational Education For Business Management Students Employability – A Study At S.D.M College Ujire

  • Dr. Sudarshan P, Dr.R.Velmurugan


In the present employment market, employer verifies skills of an individual than the number of degrees a candidate has completed or pursuing. Skill component in very important and plays a very decisive role in jobs. Vocational education can provide diverse opportunities and make them fit in present world, where the common policy is survival of the fittest. Today the time has come for educational institutions to shoulder responsibilities of vocational education along with regular education prescribed for a particular course. Today, making candidate learn better skills, empower them and making them anywhere fit to job markets with acquaintances of necessary skills have become essential for institutions. This study focuses on vocational skills target to graduate students and evaluation of their progress thereafter so as to bring out quality human resources to our society.