A Study on Teachers’ Perception on Various Welfare Measures adopted by Self-Financing Colleges

  • M. Nirmala & Dr. M. Chithirai Selvan


The research paper aims at exploring teachers’ level of perception and variables associated with their perception on various welfare measures adopted by the self-financing Colleges. The data used in the study is primary in nature which has been collected through issue of structured questionnaire. A sample of 682 self-financing College teachers working in Coimbatore district has been selected through snowball sampling technique. Simple percentage analysis, weighted mean score and chi-square test are applied in analyzing the gathered data. The study depicts that the teachers have high level of perception on various non-monetary measures adopted by their institution and the variables like area of residence, educational qualification, number of children in the family, number of earning members in the family, number of non-earning members in the family, size of the family, monthly income, family income per month, family expenditure per month, nature of institution, location of institution, designation, working hours per day and total working experience are significantly associated with the teachers’ perception on various welfare measures adopted.