A Study On Employee Welfare Measures And Its Impacts Towards The Satisfaction Of Employee

  • Dr. Viji R, Dr. Peerzadah Mohammad Oveis


Companies are valued by the welfare offered to the employees. This raises workers' moral values and gives them a feel that they belong there. It not only increases efficiency but also enhances output quality.  Besides regular compensation and other legal and collective bargaining economic incentives, social security programs are also to be accepted by workers. The sustainability of the wellbeing of workers means improving the working population, which turns a good worker into a happy citizen. The social welfare of workers is an essential item. It needs a balance in the group or social life between an employee's work life and family life. The welfare programs do not only have to be monetary, but can also take all forms. Employee welfare involves monitoring of work environment, development of workplace peace by providing health services, labor relations and health benefits, employees and their families with injuries and unemployment. The term employee welfare includes a range of programs, facilities and amenities for workers to enhance. The focus of employee welfare means improving the workplace, which makes an employee happy.