The Effect Of Social Network Advertisements On Purchase Intention In Attainment Of Wellness: An Empirical Analysis

  • A Sai Manideep, Dr.Pardha Saradhi Malla, Dr. M Siva Koti Reddy


The marketer should have the pleasure of determining exactly what customers perceive as the relevance of the company's advertising messages, as well as which aspect of the message is most likely to affect them. In an intensive literature review, this study examines three high-level factors in the context of message source reliability: trustworthiness, message and attractiveness. An empirical study was conducted using a survey that took into account the sample size of the 139 respondents who bought apparels. Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques such as factor analysis and multiple regressions are used, and the user's educational level is determined as a control variable. Observations are presented and the results are discussed.